At our Center we are guided by the six basic principles of medical ethics:

1.  Autonomy (the patient’s wishes are paramount)
2.  Beneficence (the patient’s wellbeing is paramount)
3.  Non-maleficence (“first, do no harm”)
4.  Justice (equitable distribution of resources)
5.  Dignity (in life and death)
6.  Truthfulness and honesty (e.g. in provision of information)


In pregnancy the interests of the mother are often in conflict with those of the unborn child. In such cases the conflicting interests must be weighed against each other to find solutions that are in the best interests of all parties and consistent with Swiss legislation. Preservation of the life and health of the child is an important objective, however in individual cases it may be reasonable to allow a child with incurable problems to die with dignity. We can draw upon many years of experience with such situations and provide you with professional advice in this regard.

Ethical principles